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Friday, May 15, 2020

Law of attraction and dreams, love affair or predictions

Law of attraction and dreams, love affair or predictions

Law of attraction and dreams, love affair or predictions

Recently, I received an interesting email, in which a woman told me that when she was 10 years old, she was shown in a dream that one day she would have a son and she would die in a specific age at a specific age. . He also told me that this actually happens. His question for me was, "How can I believe that the Law of Attraction is working when certain things seem beyond our control?"

When we have dreams, premieres, or predicts that something is going to happen in the future (usually unwanted)? Or when this happens we remember that he is already unaware.

Here are three things you can consider:

1. Time exists only for us humans on Earth. Although quantum physics teaches that everything; Every event, every experience, every the possibility exists at the same time - in now - man has invented time: past, present, and future, to bring some sort of order to these experiences. Religion calls this eternity - the place where time has no beginning nor end.

2. The law of attraction teaches us that everything vibrates and every vibration affects all other vibrations. I like that Abraham-Hicks puts it: "Everything vibrates and communicates, reacts, reacts, and integrates with other vibrational things." ~ Well Being Cards

3. Our subconscious mind is directly connected to the Super Conscious Mind (Source, Higher Power, Inner Being and Holy Spirit) and we are all learning to translate this information for "human consumption". Remember, the translator is a person with his own agenda, fears, and thoughts about the meaning of this information.

I have been experiencing dreams, dreams, and predictions since 1987 - in fact, I had many experiences of this nature as a young child, followed by rare events for years. I have found that any information can be interpreted through a filter of fear or love. 

When it is filtered through fear, it usually brings an ominous feeling to the prediction. When it is filtered through love, the message excites, encourages, and strengthens people. And the option is in the hands of the interpreter. I have decided to interpret dreams, visions, and predictions in the most positive life-giving way! I do not like anything.

So, my answer to the question: "How can I believe that the law of attraction is working when certain things seem beyond our control?" Is this--

Everything is sourced. Believe the best explanation you can give to your dreams, premieres, and all such events. And if the prediction must come true - or you get a result that is different or less than what you have chosen - know: You have actually been prepared for this event.

When I was pregnant with my fourth child, Sarah, I had a feeling that something was not right with the child I was carrying. I also told one of my girlfriends, "You know how people say, 'I don't care if it's a boy or a girl, as long as it's not okay?' 

Well, I can't say about this child. I can say, 'I don't care if it's a boy or a girl and it's not okay.' Everything will be fine." And of course, even when Sarah was born, it was surprising that she was born with Down syndrome. And yet, I felt very special, because I was ready.

I really believe in the generality of good. I believe it is a gift before knowledge of an event occurs. Some of us drew upon this knowledge so that we could prepare for it consciously. Does this mean we have no choice or say in such matters? 

Sometimes the vibration of another person becomes a part of our life and descends deep inside us, we have a similar harmonious vibration. Sarah was born genetically different. His true self wants to experience life on earth different from most people. There is a vibration in me that loves her and wants to encourage and support her along her journey.

We are a perfect match. And all are really good.

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