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Saturday, May 16, 2020

How I Lost 28 Pounds in Just 1 Month - You Can Too!

How I Lost 28 Pounds in Just 1 Month - You Can Too!

How I Lost 28 Pounds in Just 1 Month - You Can Too!

If you want to know how Sarah lost 28 pounds in just 1 month, then you are in the right place. Having raised a family and being a mother's caravan, Sarah sometimes found that it was easier to stop for fast food or unhealthy snacks, as it was to plan ahead and dine with her. 

Many mothers find themselves in similar situations, and who can blame them? It is very difficult for a lot of work, for busy moms to deal with everything that comes their way. 

Losing weight and caring for yourself is hardly high on the list of priorities for these busy mothers.
Sarah remains like other mothers as we learn about her story. 

She had her first child, after which she managed to lose the weight of so many women, with whom many women struggle. Then, when she had a second child, she put on 38 pounds, and she struggled for some time to lose that weight. 

She lost 28 pounds and had a great level of success after struggling for 6 years. Losing about 30 pounds in just one month is no small feat for anyone, much less a busy mom.

Losing weight has always been a combination of diet and exercise for most people. For those who don't know, most experts recommend limiting calories and doing workouts. Limiting calories can be horrific as it often leaves dieters hungry and thirsty. 

Then, when a weak moment strikes, or on a busy day, the hungry eats and eats and eats! Then they give up and concede defeat. Eating healthy is a holistic, moderate lifestyle choice. Serious diets do not work because no one can stick to them. The fact that Sarah lost 28 pounds in just 1 month is incredible for anyone!

Now let's discuss the exercise part of the equation. Exercise is hard for many people, but even harder if you are a busy working mother of 2 young girls! With games, activities, and other things, it is no surprise that getting that workout is so hard. Some people enjoy their workouts until they find something they like to do, so sometimes it is hard to get the motivation to go. 

Exercise and healthy eating are the ideal routes to lose weight, but if you can find out how Sarah loses 28 pounds in just 1 month, wouldn't you want to try it? -

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