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Saturday, May 16, 2020

8 Awesome Ways to Lose 30 Pounds - by Just Reducing Stress

8 Awesome Ways to Lose 30 Pounds - by Just Reducing Stress

8 Awesome Ways to Lose 30 Pounds - by Just Reducing Stress

Let's be honest Are you really just a little overweight? By 2030, according to a Boiler University study, 100 percent of American citizens will be obese by current standards. For many people, being overweight is stressful. For others, stress is an important cause of excess weight. It is this tension that holds the key to this paradox shift.

To understand the importance of stress plays, we need to understand that this is a survival response that is always active. To survive, we either fight or fly, so we need quick energy - sugar. We crave live food under constant stress. Along with this, our bodies are shutting down other functions like digestion. 
A complex adjustment of body functions makes us craving foods that we should not eat.

Then in the culture, we live in, there are anorexic models and movie stars who lip-suck every ounce of unwanted fat. If this is not enough then Superhumans has photoshopping morphing of humans. 

These unrealistic images create a lot of stress, especially for our young girls, to the extent that they are experiencing puberty earlier and undergoing plastic surgery to be perfect. These pictures become unconscious. Then we are consciously blind - we don't think we're watching them. They wander into our unconscious, drive us to spend our money on merchandise to be beautiful, and expose our flaws.
Whatever we stress about will affect our bodies. 

Often the effect will affect our fat spread. A new study will be based on the phenomenon that stress forms a potbelly. Because of hormones released under stress, pot-bellied people develop a more dangerous fat, visceral fat that lies between the organs.

Fat is a symptom of stress. We can continue to treat the symptom as we have for the last 50 years or we can shift to treat the cause. There are external factors like media, which we cannot change. More powerful and more immediate are internal factors, our response to stress. 

After 30 years of working with clients and students who often ask for my help to address the cause of their weight, I can say that reducing stress often will result in weight loss and create a body that you can Will naturally accept.

Here are 8 approaches to reducing weight by reducing stress. Some of what I discuss may not be comfortable to read. My goal is to help you avoid stress, not to make you feel good.

1. Leave the existence behind. Start understanding the power of stress. Fighting stress and its response (foods that survive) is a losing battle. You are going against your biology and genetics. You are rude to survive, so stop trying to suppress a natural behavior. Focus on getting yourself out of the living state.

Another scene is to feel that you are stuck in traumatic stress. The body is experiencing trauma when stress is not really present. You need to reduce stress and inadvertent stress behavior. When this happens, your body will automatically change. About 15 years ago, when I had a clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, a woman came in asking if I could do for her what her friends claimed I did for them. 

I told the woman that if she lost her chronic stress and learned to not recreate it, after several months she probably would be thinner. She saw me for ten weekly sessions. Her body changed some, but we both agreed it was not transformed.

Six months later, I saw a very attractive woman in a black dress at the end of her long hall. It was not until I was close to him that I realized that it was my former client who was seeing someone else in my office. I told him that I do not recognize him. 

She said that a few months after finishing with me she started dropping pounds without dieting or exercising. His divisive comment was, "This is the body I've always wanted but I think I'll never have." It was the body of an unstable woman.

When we let go of old stress, we learn not to make it again. Cellulite women often complain of disappearing. The fascia (the connective tissue that is also scar tissue) that holds tension also holds fat. When tension is released, the fascia is released and fat can be removed.

Be aware of when stress or tension is going into your body. Then take a breath and express your feelings. These two simple behaviors will change your life.

2. Challenge your beliefs. What is your unconscious affirmation? Are there mantras that you keep repeating? These inner voices become self-telling statements. For example, if you tell yourself and others "I'm fat". 

I am not suggesting to the contrary that you go around staying "I'm skinny" when you don't believe it. There is a middle ground that allows for change. This ground is where you currently stand which is true, holding on to the possibility and intention of change. For example, you can say to yourself - "I'm losing weight."

As you begin to accept being overweight, with this same feeling in mind, you keep in mind your intention to be your slim self. First of all, your mind will want to avoid the old patterns of denial, self-loathing, and setting unrealistic goals before settling into a place of acceptance. 

This acceptance can then create a vision of what you want while maintaining your experience of negative emotions. The test of acceptance and goal setting can seem counter-intuitive, yet in this place, you create an opportunity to do something new.

3. Leave false images. Which lexical and metaphorical pictures do you focus on? Do you have thin body images on your fridge? Or are you looking at magazines with "perfect bodies"? When we say that what we believe to be unrealistic goals before us, our minds say, "Who you think you are, you are not that person and never will be." These inspiring pictures are backfires. They reinforce our self-loathing and repeated failure to lose weight.

Viewing these images as a finite state for a process can enable transitions. Instead of saying "I am that image," try to say to yourself "I am in the process of becoming my own person who shares that image."

The mind will be able to know when nothing will be true and it will struggle on some level. Grab images and use the confirmation that is possible.

4. Losing secondary benefits. These are behaviors or diseases that we create indirectly to achieve what we believe we cannot achieve directly. In other words, if you are not getting something due to being overweight then you will not be overweight. We all have some self-defeating behaviors.

 I definitely have had my share. I can remember allowing kids to pick on me because I convinced myself that was safer than standing up for myself

There was a book that a woman wrote 30 years ago, I think it was "Fat is a Feminine Issue". If it was, I could not find it. Her thesis was that women (might be right for men) acquired fat to keep men away. Dealing with fatwas is easier said than done dealing with the possibility of a relationship. 

The author challenged his readers to address their issues around relationships as a means of losing weight.

My challenge for you is to make your fat serve as a purpose beyond reflecting a bad diet. If your fatwa is saying something, what will it be saying? Who would be saying this? Are you angry with anyone, even yourself? Are you trying to deflect someone?

The first step to meaningful change is to recognize where we are and that we need help. This is often the most difficult step. Often what we have avoided comes to our house. When I started doing Gundam, I was more about being afraid to take a stand, I started developing the courage to say no to bullies. 

What surprised me was that I did not have to prove them to myself that much. When I stopped cowering they stopped picking on me.

5. Your body is your ally. So often, we approach a forced future for diet and exercise. We deprive, punish, and generally confiscate our bodies according to our will. We can produce change - but what will happen in the long term? The constant practice of exercising and dieting trains our bodies not to find a healthy set point

Your body is like a child. It would be to fight back constantly if forced to do the things it does not want to do. As we know, an angry child will find its way back.

My intention here is not to give specific advice about a diet or exercise program, but to encourage you to find programs that are not forcing your body. 

Look for programs that support your total health. Of course, if you haven't exhausted your body in 20 years, there will be some discomfort initially. At some point, the discomfort should move more easily. If it does not, you fall back on the paradigm of punishing yourself for not being thin.

I suggest starting easy. Even if it is a yoga class, start at the lowest level of the class. If you don't like what you're doing or hurting yourself, find a new teacher or a new activity. Slow walking in the woods can be more enjoyable and healthier than going to the gym and running on the treadmill.

Just watch the kids play. A child can run all day. He is not exercising; She is playing I encourage you to re-show your play.

6. Step out of a double bind. These are mental and relationship trap, we place ourselves in a place where there is no way. It has been said, "Playing in a child's game is not the only way to win." Once you are trapped in the Chakravyuh of the Cursed, if you do this, then Cursed, you lose.

One double bind that I've seen around weight is, "I can't have a loving relationship until I lose weight." This person is always trying to lose weight in order to love, giving his body the message that he does not love himself. 

As I was saying, not loving yourself makes it very difficult to lose weight permanently.

7. Let others do your work. We often make a change of any kind harder than we need to. Being a lazy kind of guy and enjoying being a rebel, I saw getting help as a way to further my cause.

A very big way to shift the fat thing is to address the issue directly to others. Good bodywork can crack new possibilities for losing weight. Bodywork releases chronic and intense stress and tells our bodies that they are being loved through the gift of attracting someone's attention. 

Touching the hands of another person is ashamed to accept the places that we accept.

Find the groups that support the result, not the problem. This helps in spreading the load. So many disease support groups support the problem, not the treatment. On some occasions, I have been asked to talk to various support groups. 

Virtually everyone in the audience was more committed then knowing about their shared problem, to learn about possible means to mitigate it.

My suggestion is to find a group that supports its members to be successful, healthy, or just happy. Not to find a group that talks about losing weight or being thin. Yes, there are diet programs - groups that succeed in helping their clients lose weight. 

I am encouraging you to move beyond those organizations or groups to build a fulfilling life. If you are interested in some of these organizations, write a comment expressing your wish and I will get back to you.

8. Control your mind to change your body. Being an advocate of Mindfulness, I cannot do this post without mentioning Mindfulness to change fat. By now, everyone has come to accept the mind-body connection.

Having your mind makes your partner look simple. Getting it takes some work. Essentially, you start using your awareness to see what is happening. Witnessing, evaluating, or criticizing is not justice. It is just an observer. When you see a picture of a thin body, you observe your reaction. 

What is your first thought? What does your body do What is happening in your breath? These are just questions to get you started. As you develop this skill, you won't have to ask. Your body/mind will bring your response.

In the last 20 years, estrangement has gone away. There are excellent courses that I no longer teach, but others do. Mindfulness Works - There is a growing body of research that supports the efficacy of Mindfulness. Prior studies on Pot Bellis have been conducted to teach a group of women's mindfulness. 

"Losing weight is not the goal," said lead researcher Dubliner. "But we are thinking that we will find a reduction in visceral fat, which is really important. We are breaking that stress-eating link."
In the development of mindfulness, mindfulness has always been used as a natural tool to increase the practice of mindfulness. 

The added the benefit of eating mindfulness is that it can shift your eating habits while increasing your eating pleasure.

Success lies in not treating fat, but the reason for this is that the body chooses those feelings of stress. Liposuction and abdominal stapling will reduce your fat, but what will reduce your stress? 

I advocate that you appear overweight as a sign that you are stressed. Start with acknowledging that perhaps your fat accumulates or without stress. Then find out ways to remove stress from our lives and your body. You can create the body you've always wanted and maintain. For more information about Lose weight, please visit https://bit.ly/resurdeebook.

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