The 3 Best Abdominal Exercises that Are NOT Your "Typical" Ab Exercises. - Ashish Parmar

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

The 3 Best Abdominal Exercises that Are NOT Your "Typical" Ab Exercises.

The 3 Best Abdominal Exercises that Are NOT Your "Typical" Ab Exercises.

Instead of the common ab routine, we often see with crisps, situps, leg lifts, etc.… I like to give my readers a better alternative to metabolic-enhancing high-intensity workouts that work with their abs -With their whole bodywork. .. thus building rock hard abs and core, but also creating a better fat-burning workout than a typical ab workout.

I'm going to show you today an example of one of my favorite ab workouts that don't include any direct abs exercises. This is actually a full-body workout that indirectly acts on your abs, and promotes a good metabolism! It is in a triangular set format (similar to the super-set but alternating between 3 exercises instead of 2).
Here we go:

  1. Recessed dumbbell rows
  2. Front Squats with Barbell
  3. Mountain climbers at the bottom 
A good rep scheme to use with this maybe 3-4 sets of 8 reps for each exercise, or more sets for fewer reps, such as 5 sets of 5 reps per practice. Mountain climbers may be performed for a time interval (eg 30 seconds) instead of "reps".

Exercise pictures and description:

Recessed dumbbell rows are initiated with hands in a pushup position with 2 dumbbells. Then you line up a dumbbell, with your body fixed to the other arm. Bring the dumbbell back to the ground and alternate the rowing arm, stabilizing it with the opposite arm. This steady effect during the rows creates incredible work for your entire midsection core area. Trust me ... you will feel it in Abs!

also, see the video related to Recessed dumbbell rows...


Front squats are very similar to back squats, though barbells on the front side of your body as well as back squats instead of resting on the upper back. You stab the barbell on your shoulders by crossing your arms and pushing your shoulders into the bar near your shoulders, keeping your elbows in front of the body. get The Fat-Burning Kitchen  

It takes a little practice at first, so you want to look for a professional trainer in your gym to help you with the form. Front squats require excessive stabilizing power from the abdomen as they move to the front of the body instead of the back. Even though it is mostly a leg exercise, you will feel it big time with abs! Whenever I do front squats after not doing for a while, I get very deep in my abs.

also, see the video related to Front squats...


Mountain climbers rub by starting in a pushup position and then moving their legs in and out so that your knees are rotating under your chest and then return to the starting position. It looks like climbing a mountain but is flat on the floor. If you want an upgraded version, you can move your hands 8-10 inches forward and backward. This actually makes it a full-body exercise and MUCH more difficult than a standard climber.

also, see the video related to Mountain climbers...


After finishing each exercise, try to move on to the next exercise with very little rest (no more than 15-20 seconds). Rest for about 1-2 minutes after completing each "triangular set" before repeating the sequence.

This will give you one of the best ab workouts you have ever done without any direct abs exercises .... and with a much more fat burning metabolic effect than standard abs exercises ... you'll see what I After you try it out! It can be used as a stand-alone workout (as it can be very intense if you use challenging weights), or you can include it as part of your full-body workout.

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