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Monday, September 16, 2019

7 Reasons Why You Should Swap Your Regular Chai With Red Tea.

We've all been through the fad of green tea, white tea, and even blue tea.
But there is a new tea in town, Red tea and it's the healthiest tea as compared to your regular chai.


It is both antioxidant-rich and caffeine-free. Its benefits include improving bone health, preventing kidney stones, and keeping heart-related problems at bay.
It can also help you in shedding extra kilos and much more! So, scroll on to find out this tea' astounding health benefits! 
Boosts Heart Health

Red tea is packed with antioxidants, which fight inflammation in the body and keeps your heart health in check.
Since this tea is free of caffeine, it may be a great herbal alternative to caffeinated drinks, which are known to cause heart attacks.

Prevents Kidney Stones


There is no oxalic acid in Red tea which makes it a perfect beverage for people with kidney stones. According to studies, tea which contains oxalic acid forms crystal-like substance. 

Weight Loss


Yes, Red tea can help you shed those unwanted kilos as well. Apart from relaxing and healing the body, studies suggest that this Red tea can ease gastric troubles like diarrhea and maintain healthy digestion, which is important for a quicker and more effective weight loss. It also speeds up metabolism by fighting inflammation which in turn helps you burn more calories.

Reduces Allergies


Red tea is used as an effective way to treat allergies like eczema, hay fever, and allergy-related bronchitis. Also, it is packed with anti-inflammatory properties which help in treating asthma and topical allergic reactions.

Improves Bone Health


Red tea is rich in calcium and fluoride which makes your bone healthier and teeth stronger. It also reduces the chances of developing conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis and chronic joint pain.

Antioxidant Properties


Red tea is packed with antioxidants which help detox your body and lead to other health benefits. It fights cell-damaging free radicals and prevents your body from developing toxins.

Delays Ageing


Red tea is packed with antioxidants which slows down the aging process and boosts the immune system. According to studies, this herb slows down the degeneration of fat cells inhibiting the formation of wrinkles.
So, include this magical potion in your diet and keep all the health-related problems at bay!


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